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Van Smart is a Transport for London (TfL) backed driver training programme that aims to reduce work related road risks, improve safety and create long-term behavioural change in the van sector.
Van Smart is delivered in two sections, a classroom theory module and a practical cycling module, where van drivers experience a cyclist’s view of the road. The two modules are delivered on the same day, and courses are able to be delivered throughout the United Kingdom at a location convenient to you.

Van Smart Training is fully aligned to meet the requirements of:
• FORS Silver
• Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)
• Construction Logistics & Community Safety (CLOCS) Standard

Maintaining compliance with FORS, CLOCS and WRRR is vital for a company operating within London and the surrounding areas as it opens the opportunity to work on more contracts. There are some specifiers that will not enable companies who are not at least FORS silver accredited to work on their site, likewise WRRR is a contractual requirement for all TFL suppliers.

Without completing a training course such as Van Smart your company will not be able to maintain their accredited status and be FORS, CLOCS and WRRR compliant, ultimately closing the door to new contract opportunities for your company.

As well as this Van Smart training also heralds benefits for your business in an operational sense, the safety focus embedded within this course content aims to change your driver’s perception of the urban environment. This could have big long-term benefits for you business, if the number of accidents are significantly reduced then the running costs of your fleet will also be significantly reduced to match this. Every time one of your vehicles is involved in an accident there is a cost of getting that vehicle repaired. However, if their awareness of potential hazards and vulnerable road users is raised the likelihood of accidents is reduced.

If you would like to book a van smart training course for your company please contact us with your individual requirements so that we can provide you with a quote.

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