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Van Smart – The background information…

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Van Smart training introduced a new format of training to the driver training industry. The driver training industry had been primarily HGV focused for a number of years with the Driver CPC requirement requiring operator’s attention. However, the introduction of Van Smart shifted the focus away from HGV drivers and onto van drivers.

The course which is pioneered by TFL was initially created as a result of a survey conducted by TFL showing some staggering figures relating to vans, this survey showed that professional van drivers account for 80% of all the road freight mileage carried out. As well as this 10% of all road incidents involve a van with 11% of these resulting in a serious injury or fatality. When you consider these statistics, it is easy to see why TFL wanted to place an emphasis on professional van drivers, if the vision of long-term behavioural change in professional van drivers succeeds there is no reason why we could not see these figures being reduced every year.

Many people have the perception that Van Smart training as well as Safe Urban Driving courses are only available within London. However that is not the case, we are able to deliver these courses throughout the United Kingdom. Our Van Smart training capability stems from our specialised training van, this van enables us to bring all of the required equipment needed for courses to a location convenient for you.


The content delivered on this course includes:

Theory content:
• The changing streetscape and the urban environment
• Vulnerable road users and sharing the road safely
• Defensive driving techniques and understand vehicle safety equipment and how to maintain its effectiveness

Practical content:
• Exchanging places, driver attitude and perception
• Introduction to active travel, driver fitness and health
• Hazard recognition: understanding the issues faced by vulnerable road users


If you would like to book a Van Smart training course then please contact us to discuss your businesses training requirements.

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