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The world as we know it is growing and changing regularly the population, infrastructure and economy. All of these have a massive influence on external factors; as the population grows we will see more deliveries taking place to be able to cope with the growing demand for produce, the increased demand for produce will mean more vehicles are on the road, as we see more vehicles on the road we will see more roads being built and could be at higher risk of being involved in an accident. The point we are trying to illustrate is that the ever-increasing amount of traffic on our roads, has a massive knock-on effect in our everyday life’s to areas that people may not even consider. So, let’s put the United Kingdom traffic situation into content; at the end of March 2017, there were 37.5 million vehicles registered for use on the road in Great Britain and During January to March 2017 there were 959,000 vehicles registered for the first time, the highest figure ever recorded. The number of vans contributing to these figures has been slowly growing every year since 2011, in 2011 there were 3,614,664 vans registered in the UK while we now have over 4,000,000 registered meaning that vans account for about 10% of the vehicles registered in the UK.

The increasing levels on vans being used throughout the United Kingdom has led to an emphasis for companies to focus on increasing fuel emissions and efficiency, this means that they now have to comply with strict Euro-6 emissions regulations. Commercial vehicles cover 61 billion miles each year in the UK, with vans accounting 45 billion of these which is an all-time high. Almost 3,000 tonnes of goods are moved by road every minute – three times more than by water and rail combined. In London, vans account for 80 per cent of all road freight mileage. 10 per cent of road traffic incidents involve a van and 11 per cent of these incidents result in serious injury or fatality. A DVSA (then VOSA) report revealed that many vans fail their MOT first time and 89 per cent of those stopped were found to be overweight.

When you consider these staggering figures about vans it makes you realise what a prominent and popular product they are in the commercial vehicle industry, accounting for over 70% of all the commercial vehicle miles covered every year. Providing this mass commercial vehicle market with valuable training about potential hazards, vulnerable road users and how to increase road safety could make a massive difference to our roads. Prior to the introduction of van smart training there was not a training course specifically designed and targeted at van drivers, all driver training courses were focused at HGV operators and the driver cpc requirement. The amount of miles that the van industry covers when making deliveries or commuting between jobs makes it surprising that this sector has not been targeted before, if this sector can receive development training such as van smart we could see a real difference in the number of road accidents that occur every year. One course could be the difference between a driver taking an extra second to look for pedestrians or noticing a cyclist when turning.

Book your van smart training course today and contribute to making our roads safer.

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