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Van sales have been increasing slowly for a number of years with vans now accounting for 80% of all road freight mileage. The rise of van driving professionals has created a need for van specific driver training courses, if you operate a large fleet of vans or you are new to the van industry this course could be perfect for you.

A van smart training course aims to raise awareness of vulnerable road users and potentially hazards that drivers have to consider on a daily basis, especially when operating in urban environments such as London. Ultimately, outlining competencies drivers need to have in order to reduce work related road risks and create long term behavioural change among professional drivers.

The Van Smart training course is part of a range of FORS toolkits aimed at helping fleet operators and transport managers to improve their operations. Commercial vehicle operators can work towards their desired level of FORS accreditation, with each level requiring different safety and vehicle efficiency provisions to be in place encouraging best practice. Gaining a higher level of FORS accreditation can also provide more benefits for vehicle operators, some contracts and suppliers will specify a certain level of FORS to do business. Therefore, increasing your safety and efficiency while gaining FORS accreditation could provide you with more business opportunities as well.

There is an ever increasing focus on the safety of vulnerable road users and how vehicles interact with them. Throughout urban areas there are plans to increase the infrastructure making cyclists journeys easier and safer, as well as this construction sites in areas such as London are sometimes stipulating that companies must have certain safety measures in place such as FORS which requires van smart training or safe urban driving to achieve silver status. This makes these sites inaccessible to companies which don’t have the correct safety measures or FORS accreditation, meaning that they miss out on lots of potential business opportunities. When you consider this as well as the opportunity to increase safety and efficiency within your fleet, why would you not organise van smart training for your drivers?

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