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What is Van Smart training?
After the success of Safe Urban Driving training FORS teamed up with TFL to promote a new training course called Van Smart. Van Smart training is a driver training course for professional van drivers, with a large emphasis on improving road safety.
Van drivers make up a large percentage of the everyday road traffic that we see on our roads, these van drivers work extremely hard to deliver goods and services covering a large number of miles every year which is reflected in the following figures; In London, vans account for 80% of all road freight mileage. 10% of road traffic incidents involve a van and 11% of these result in serious injury or fatality. The Van Smart training course not only aims to improve these safety standards but create a long-term behavioural change in the van sector.

Who is Van Smart training for?
Van Smart training breaks the mould from normal driver training which is aimed at heavy goods vehicles, instead this course has been specifically tailored for professional van drivers to maximise the benefits of attending this course.

What does Van Smart training include?
Van smart training includes two different 3.5 hour modules one of which is a theory module which the other one is a practical module. The course objectives are:
• To equip the drivers with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to plan and prepare themselves for driving
• To identify road users who are vulnerable and why
• To highlight a driver’s responsibilities
• To educate van drivers with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to carry out their job diligently, safely, responsibly and with consideration for others
• To familiarise van drivers to the issues a vulnerable road user may face on public roads (on-cycle practical module)
• To review attitudes through reflection and critique to improve driving practices

Why should we do Van Smart training?
Van Smart training can provide a number of benefits for your company. The content provided about the changing urban environment and how to make our roads safer is becoming increasingly important, we are seeing more traffic, houses and roads being built every year which potentially creates more hazards for a professional vehicle operator if they are not aware of their surroundings. The potential to decrease the likelihood of accidents amongst a fleet of vehicles is a big incentive for operators to complete Van Smart training. As well as this there is also the potential to gain access to more contracts and working sites, as the safety focus increases every year companies are starting to prioritise trading with companies who have met certain safety criteria such as FORS, WRRR and CLOCS.

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