The rise in van related thefts…

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Throughout the United Kingdom road related thefts present an ongoing worry for haulage operators, as a result there has been increased emphasis placed on providing secure parking spots for drivers to park and sleep overnight. Logistics or haulage vehicles on motorways have often found themselves being targeted by thieves due to the assorted cargo they […]

Are vans the answer for ULEZ?…

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In a time when small businesses operating in urban areas are facing uncertainty about their future amid the imminent introduction of clean air zones and Ultra Low Emission Zones, we wonder whether vans could provide a solution to the problem for many transport orientated operators. We are yet to see any major cost-effective alternatives to […]

van smart training course

Van Smart maximise your opportunities…

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Van Smart training is fully accredited to keep your company compliant with the latest Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) standard, managing Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) contractual requirements and Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) – Silver legislations. So, what exactly are FORS, CLOCS and WRRR and why is it important for your company to […]

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Why do Van Smart Training…

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Van Smart is a Transport for London (TfL) backed driver training programme that aims to reduce work related road risks, improve safety and create long-term behavioural change in the van sector. Van Smart is delivered in two sections, a classroom theory module and a practical cycling module, where van drivers experience a cyclist’s view of […]