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You can book a single Van Smart training course using our online training booking system. Alternatively, if you have a large number of drivers to train in-house or have specific requirements please contact us for pricing information.

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Van Smart training course content engages delegates with both a practical and theory element for 3.5 hours each. During this course drivers gain a first hand experience of the urban environment as they are put into the cyclists shoes as part of the training course.

Why do van smart?

Van Smart training is specifically designed for professional van drivers and meets the mandatory Vulnerable Road User driver training requirements of CLOCS, FORS and TfL’s WRRR. If you want to help reduce work related road risks and encourage long-term behavioural change then this is the course for your company.

About Van Smart Training


Van Smart training is a course created and approved by Transport For London (TFL), the seven hour training course is designed for professional van drivers and also meets the requirements of FORS, CLOCS and WRRR. Seven Training are a fully accredited supplier of Van Smart training courses, there is a misconception among people that Van Smart training is only able to be delivered within London and their staff will have to travel but that is not the case. We deliver all of our training courses to fleet operators throughout the United Kingdom through our wide portfolio of Driver CPC and office-based training courses, repeat customers from areas such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol have been trusting us to deliver their training courses for over 10 years.  

In London alone, vans fulfil 80% of all the road freight mileage carried out. Furthermore, 10% of all UK road incidents involve a van and 11% of these incidents actually result in a serious injury or fatality. A DVSA report has revealed that a significant number of vans fail their MOT first time and 89% of all vans stopped and checked at the road side were found to be overweight. These figures highlight why Van Smart training courses were introduced, TFL have a long-term vision to make our roads safer and you can be a part of that if you book a Van Smart course.

Our trainers have provided Van Smart training courses to drivers at depots all across the United Kingdom using our specialised mobile training van, ensuring all drivers receive the most up to date engaging and accredited training available. With the ever-growing number of cyclists, pedestrians and motor bikes on our busy roads every year, it is even more vital than ever that professional drivers understand and are aware of the everyday risks in urban environments and are able to operate safely to reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring.

A Van Smart training course focuses on how professional drivers share our busy streets safely with other vulnerable road users. The Van Smart training format is unique as there is a particular emphasis on cyclists and includes a practical ‘on-road’ cycle training module to give all drivers a ‘real life’ experience from the cyclist’s perspective. As well as this there is also theory content to further inform them about the potential hazards that are faced daily, as well as increasing their awareness of these potential hazards and how they can contribute to making our roads safer.

Attending a Van Smart Training course is a requirement for standards such as the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR).

Book Van Smart Training

If you would like to book a Van Smart training course for your business you will be able to find all the relevant information needed on our booking page. We tailor group courses to suit our customers and have delivered Van Smart to businesses all over the United Kingdom including locations such Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Southampton and London. 

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FORS Associate

Seven Training are a registered FORS associate and one of only seven companies in the United Kingdom to offer Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart training.

We are proud of our FORS status and have been delivering Van Smart training courses for a number of years to companies throughout the United Kingdom.

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